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Manitoba Paramedic Honour Guard

It is the Mission of the Manitoba Paramedic Honour Guard to elevate the image and public awareness of Manitoba EMS.  We will accomplish this by:

  • Representing Manitoba EMS at Line of Duty Death Memorials and Funerals across Canada

  • Representing Manitoba EMS at formal public events and celebrations while assisting with the planning of same if requested.

  • Participation in Recreational, Social and Benevolent events as deemed appropriate by the Guard.


M.P.H.G. wants YOU, would you like to represent your fellow Paramedics in a formal setting?  Then come out and join us at drill practice the second Tuesday of the month.

For more information on our annual golf tournament and other events go to our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE

New MPHG Challenge coins are available now.  Only $10.00 each.

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