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Manitoba Paramedic Honour Guard

Thank you for considering joining the Manitoba Paramedic Honour Guard (MPHG).  Our goal is to represent our profession of Paramedicine at events in Manitoba and across Canada.  The primary role of the MPHG is honouring our fallen comrades at Line of Duty Death (LODD) events.  A secondary role of the MPHG is increasing the visibility of Manitoba Paramedics at official Public Relations events such as EMS week activities, Remembrance Day events, Exemplary Service Awards etc.

A requirement to become a member of the MPHG is that you must be a member in good standing with the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.

The attached application form is for individuals interested in becoming members of the Manitoba Paramedic Honour Guard and is the first step of a two step process.  The next step is attending and participating in MPHG drills.  All applicants will be invited to a presentation and basic drill practise on the second Wednesday of the month.

The Honour Guard members will be selected from the applicants who have been successful in these steps.

Drill is currently held in Winnipeg, but as we are MANITOBA Paramedic Honour Guard if there are interested persons from other regions, we have two very capable drill sergeants that can travel to your area and run four or more of you through the basic drill, and help set up an extension of the Guard.


The role of a MPHG member is to represent fellow Paramedics at various events.  It will take devoted individuals to commit to not only calls for attendance at events, but also for drill practice, strict code of conduct, and on-going fundraising for the MPHG activities.  As MPHG is not an employer project, MPHG membership is strictly a volunteer activity and members are therefore responsible to their own time off to attend drill practices and Honour Guard Events


Applications for the Honour Guard are on-going.  Please complete the registration form and return to the address on the form 

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